Do you have a passion for exploitations in cod MP or any MP games in general? If so…………

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Do you have a passion for exploitations in cod MP or any MP games in general? If so…………

Welcome to king-of-jitter. I’m IK1LLPEEPLE4FUN and I’m just a gamer with a passion for cod MP and a passion for exploitations. And needless to say I put them together and find myself playing cod mp to just enjoy any jitter mod exploits I find out. It’s not exactly advocated by developers but as a long time cod mp fan I find it’s the only way I enjoy the franchise’s recent games.

By that I simply mean that the excitement and fun factor of a good exploit far entertains me more than the developer intended game design. For example Modern Warfare with it’s slow pacing (most matches hit time limit rather than score limit) just doesn’t have the fun factor for me that I was looking for. It has great potential in my opinion, but the design choices for mp are not too exciting by any means for me. It’s almost a snooze fest smh. But finding out jitter mod exploits greatly spices things up for my own experience.

And at the end of the day most of us adopt the hobby of gaming for entertainment purposes. Plain and simple. Few do it as a profession or even business. But most of us casually game as our means of entertainment. And for us it shouldn’t ever feel like a chore. And so we look for entertainment with the highest value of excitement by our own individual definitions. And jitter mod exploits just happen to be my own definition of excitement. I like what I like lol. And if you like jitters or exploitations in general, and are not an anti jitter gaming vigilante on a mission to clean up and buzzkill the cod mp space, then please check out this site from time to time to see what I myself (along with the site’s creator Raptor) happen to be cooking at any given time 🙂

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